Tuesday, March 11, 2008

making handles...

So, this type of handle is fairly new to me. I have not perfected it, by any means. This handle is made for a storage jar so it's easier to lift when moving. Some potters pull these types of handles, but I'm "throwing" them on the potter's wheel. So here ya go... I start with one pound of clay.
I center it and throw a ring. The ring is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top.
Here's a view of the cross-section. I cut it in half to make two handles.
I place it on the work table and kinda shape it to how I will want it to look.
I score the pot where the handle will go and wet it with a sponge. Scoring is definitely needed.
I place the thrown handle on the pot and compress the seams with my fingers.
I then compress the ends of the handle and push them into the pot. The sponge is your friend.
A little finish work with the thumb smooths out any blemishes the sponge has created.
I've been adding an extra decorative thumb print to the side of the handle. Like I said, these handles are kinda new to me and experimentation is fun.
Here's a finished handle on this big ole pot. I hope it doesn't crack. It shouldn't since I compressed it thoroughly and I will dry it somewhat slowly.
Here's the finished pot. I'm not sure if these handles are too big for the pot or not. Can't forget about shrinkage! Once it's slipped up and decorated, it'll look butterlicious!!!

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