Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Making pots for woodfiring

In August, the Clayspace Co-op, my studio in the river arts district, will be having an exhibition of ceramic sculpture and pottery at the Asheville Arts Council. I've decided to put some anagama pots in the show, instead of my decorated salt-glazed pottery. So, I've started making pots for the "Communty Temple." I'm also hoping to put a pot or two in the UNCA anagama for a different look. I made this 14 lb jar last evening. I want to make several of these and side-fire them on seashells. I'll slip them in a helmar kaolin and have them bisque fired. I'm also going to make a series of handbuilt plates to fire stacked with shells/wadding in between. My studio mates have been "reduction cooling" the front chamber of the Community Temple and getting some really nice results. Those pictures to come soon.


Hannah said...

Ilove the shape of this big jar and the picture at the top of your blog in the title bar is really gorgeous.
Best wishes,

Hannah said...

Soooo, I've just now realized you left a comment on my blog. Glad to see you here :)

Other Hannah