Friday, June 27, 2008

Kiln's loaded & lit

I loaded the kiln today and boy it just ate the pots right up. I'm always amazed...I always think I have more than enough pots to fill the kiln, but I usually fall short or have just enough. That's a good thing, I guess. I lit one burner at 10pm. That'll preheat the kiln until morning. I'll fire the kiln all day tomorrow and into the night. Sunday I'm headed into the woods for a week. I'll unload a week from this monday. I'll post some images then.

Below are a couple images of some vegetable servers I made on tuesday. They're in the kiln drying out right now. Once firing does have it's advantages...I threw these pots on tuesday, pulled the handles on wednesday, then slipped and lined with glaze on thursday. Now it's friday and they are decorated and ready to be vitrified. Awesome.

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paul jessop said...

That's a realy nice picture