Thursday, June 5, 2008

Unloading the kiln

Well, today I unloaded another kiln load. I only had a few losses. It was a great looking kiln overall. I made my last batch of Tile6 slip a bit thicker and it is really paying off. It's having a crackle effect where it's really thick on the pots and simply brighter overall. Much of this load consisted of cups and jars, for wholesale and an upcoming studio stroll sale. Below shows the kiln load of pots on the deck. Other images represent some surfaces that came out of this kiln load. Cheers, mate.


brandon phillips said...

those pots look friggin sweet! you made a comment earlier about randys red with helmer, whats the formula? my red slip is crapping out on me.

Hannah said...

Hey, I think I see my tumbler. It was fun hanging out at the stroll. Let's grab a drink from that brewery sometime. Cheers, H.

Julie said...

I like these! Great idea with the before/after shot. I'm a big fan of Tile 6 in salt and in soda (my primary firing method). Our slip is straight T6 with a bit of bentonite in it. I like drawing through it into an iron stoneware, but want to experiment with lighter clay and thinner application, to get some softer surfaces. That said, how are you applying your slip and what on?

Kyle Carpenter said...

I also use 100% T6 w/ 2% Bentonite.
I apply it by pouring or dipping onto leather hard pots. I hardly ever brush it on. I use a Highwater Clay called Zella Stone, which gets a bit dark on it's own in the salt kiln. I've had good luck with the thinner application on a whiter clay, such as Highwater's Phoenix. I'm currently pretty excited about the thicker application, resulting in a crackled surface.