Friday, January 30, 2009

500 Vases: My Entries

Yesterday, I dropped off my 500 Vases entry at Lark Books in Asheville. I've slacked over the years with trying to get my work in books. I think that I was never satisfied with the quality of my images. A couple of years ago, I decided to get rid of my crappy photo booth and go to Tim Barnwell Studio Photography and never looked back. High quality pictures are so worth the money. Anyway, here's the three pots I entered for consideration for the book. These were all made last year and once-fired in my salt kiln. Deadline for your entry is Feb 2. Go do it!

Stoneware, covered in Helmer slip, underglaze/glaze decoration, glass runs

stoneware, covered in Tile 6 slip, underglaze decoration wth scraffito

stoneware, covered in Helmer slip, underglaze decoration, handpainted birds


Jerry said...

Excellent photos of excellent pots. The second and third are stunners. Good luck!

Tara Lynne Franco said...

Hi Kyle,
All 3 are stunning. I hope you get selected. I too submitted a few pieces for 500 vases. This was my second try at submitting work for the 500 series. I found your blog as I was searching to see if the book was published yet. Last time I submitted I received a polite rejection letter, this year I haven't heard anything. Have you heard? I take my own photos but use a well equipped studio at the college where I trained in ceramics. Keep me posted. One of the pieces I submitted is on my blog under my Florida show blog post. I am Canadian. Cheers eh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,
Any word from Lark on your submissions?

Kyle Carpenter said...

I got a letter on saturday. I got #1 and #3 in the book. You should receive a letter any day now. good luck.