Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kiln's loaded. Let's do this.

I loaded the kiln today. I've got some new stuff in there. Recently, I mixed up some oribe glaze to add a bit of color to my body of work. Everything you see with the green oribe glaze has been bisqued. They also have been decorated with a cobalt-free black slip. I got the recipe from M. Kline, and it came originally from Rock Creek Pottery. Anyway, I used this recipe instead of my normal black commercial underglaze because it is cobalt-free. The commercial underglaze will turn blue under the oribe, and I don't want that. Oh, and they are bisqued because thie glaze just doesn't fit too well on a leather hard/green pot. It'll chip off rims and sharp edges. So, the kiln is lit and I'll fire it off tomorrow night putting in 4 pounds of salt. Stay tuned for finished pots!
back stack

front stack

six pound vases
new insulated brick for the door; dipped in a saraset/alumina wash

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Anonymous said...

looks like a lot of nice work... looking forward to the fired pics