Friday, January 22, 2010

Decoration mode

The red and black is commercial underglaze. The bird is painted with watered down underglaze, like a watercolor painting. Not sure how the red will turn out. All of these pots are bonedry greenware. Remember that I don't bisque my pots.

This deco has been scratched with an xacto knife-like tool.

More colored underglaze and painted birds.

Wax brushwoork. Pots is covered in black underglaze.

More colored underglaze. The bird in the picture is painted with solid black commercial underglaze, then the highlights are scratched away. It's a different effect than the watercolor birds.

Works in progress.

More in progress.

Finished platters. I fire next week. Finished photos to come.


Anonymous said...

wow! beautiful bird painting on those pots kyle, i wish i had the touch.

Lori Buff said...

I've had some fading issues with commercial red underglazes but I believe that is from an application that was too thin. Please show us the pots when they are fired.

Linda Starr said...

so many different deco techniques - they are all so beautiful, you birds have so much detail, thanks for explaining them, can't wait to see how the red turns out.


Gorgeous painting/decorating. I can't wait to see how they come out of the fire.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

As others have already said, fantastic work. The brush work looks great. Looking forward to seeing the finished products.

cindy shake said...

LOVELY! What type of finish glaze or overall glaze do you use and at what cone temp are you firing?

Kyle Carpenter said...

I'll be posting some finished pictures after the firing. There will be no applied glaze over these decorations. These will be glazed by the salt that will be thrown into the kiln. I fire to cone 9-11. The kiln is not always even....and I'm cool with that "variety."