Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd Firing in 2010

The kiln is heatin' up. This is the second firing of the year. Both of these kiln loads will make their way to The MudFire Gallery, in Atlanta. They have a large exhibit area that I will fill with months of work. It'll be about 100 pots, probably more. I never got around to posting the finished work from the first kiln load. I'll most likely pick out my favorite 20 pots and post them here over the weekend. Let's hope for a good firing!

Burner at 10 pounds of pressure (propane)


Ron said...

Hope you have a great firing. I've got to get up there sometime to see your new studio space and over to visit your kiln too.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Best wishes on this firing. Hope all goes well and beautify pieces emerge.

Hollis Engley said...

Lots of luck on this one. Cone 012 just went down here and I've closed the damper for body reduction.