Saturday, February 20, 2010

MudFire Solo Show

Okay, people, let me begin by saying that I've been workin' like a dog over the past few months (minus 2 weeks of family and eating and drinking over the holidays). Well, I've been working towards my annual solo show at the MudFire Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Last monday, I delivered the show. It's about two kiln loads of pots, 74 pieces. Many of the pots are larger and highly decorated. This is the highest valued show I've ever done there, the total retail value coming in at $13, 000. Funny, it could be a lot to some, but almost pennies to others. Well, to's a friggin' lot!. The truth is, my pots keep getting more and more involved with decoration and larger in size. It simply needs to be priced higher. Now, I'm not going to get into the whole price discussion. I just wanted to share with you the feeling of accomplishment this show has given me. I'm very proud to have been able to deliver so many pots that I am proud of and show them off in one room.
I continue to thank Erik & Luba, owners and operators of MudFire, and great friends, for having me back each year to show the progression of my career through my pottery. This partnership (what we call it) should be a business model for both galleries and artists. We work together for a common goal. Countless nights of red wine and marketing tips or sweetwater 420 and "life as a potter" talks. Man, these guys are great.
I'll be at the opening on saturday, February 27th, 5-9pm. Please drop in and ask me some questions about my process or whatever. I'll probably be drinking red wine, so, I'll have an answer for everything (you can google it when you get home to see if it's correct).
Don't forget, Erik, of MudFire, offers a unpublicized preview on thursday and friday for special customers (you). On Saturday, I hope to see the regulars there and also meet some new folks. Remember, pottery is a great investment, better than houses and stocks.


FetishGhost said...

Congratulations on getting everything done on time. No small effort, that's a lot of work! I'm hoping that you'll post shots of the entire catalog of work that you've taken down to MudFire.

ang said...

cool!! hope its a great show..

Bulldog Pottery said...

All sounds great Kyle. Good Luck on your show. Erik and Luba have a very exciting place, we enjoyed our visit there last year. See you soon in March at the Potters Conference in Asheboro

Fred said...

Kyle - can anyone show up for the "unpublicized" preview or is it by invitation?

Kyle Carpenter said...

Fred, I think the actual preview is on Friday, but the gallery is open daily. So, If you're just visiting the gallery, the show should be up by Thursaday morning. I would go which ever day works better for you. Hope you like the show!

Erik Haagensen said...

The gallery is open Noon to 8:00 pm every day EXCEPT Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Come on by! The show is up, you can view it at MudFire's site or our Youtube channel, or get even better video quality on the MudFire Clayworks Facebook page.

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