Sunday, March 21, 2010

Patterned pot

Tryin someting new today. Film at 11.


Cinderelish said...

I have been obsessed with carving that design lately. Can't wait to see how this turns out. I love it.

Kyle Carpenter said...

i just saw the tile on your blog with that deco. very nice. funny, i can't remember where i saw this pattern, but it's been stuck in my head for a while now. it's nice to paint it on something. nice work, by the way. thanks for commenting!

Michael Kline said...

Nice stuff. I seem to remember seeing this pattern on quilts. If you look at the pattern as intersecting/overlapping circles.

Adam Field said...

Careful, geometric surface decoration has been know to become habit-forming. ;)

Looks really nice as the pattern grows with the form, looking forward to seeing it out of the kiln.


Erik Haagensen said...

Have you thought about painting little clam/K.L.A.M. creatures in the white spaces?