Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy day

Today was was a busy day. When I arrived at the studio this morning I got a bisque loaded and fired up. These next couple of firings I'm going to bisque most of the work.

Then I sieved some slip (50 XX Sagger, 50 Helmer) in my new Talisman. This thing is so worth the money! You fill up the Talisman tub, turn the crank maybe six times, and it's empty. You should own one if you don't already.

So the slip is going on some porcelain pots I started making last night. I'll be showing some of these pots at a solo exhibition later this year.

So, I mentioned the porcelain. This stuff is kickin' my ass. I made some cups and a few trimmed saucers with ease. I threw a 3.5 lb pitcher and struggled. I went back to cups for a bit. Later in the day I attempted a larger vase and frustrated myself to no end. I just need some practice! So, tomorrow night I'll jump right back on that horse and hope to not get bucked.

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MattyT said...

stiffen up the clay for the bigger pots

Michael Mahan said...

Go back to stoneware. Just kidding. I threw some small pieces with porcelain, and my glazes just looked incredible on them. But I don't like to throw stiff clay (or porcelain).