Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm tracking YOU!

I sent out an email this morning announcing the NC Mint Museum's Potters Market that I'll be at this saturday. I use a company called iContact, and yes, there's an app for that. Paying for a email service like iContact, or Constant Contact, or Emma, allows you to track your sent messages. I downloaded a free app that iContact has made for iPhones, iTouches, and yes iPads. It's not a super detailed app, but it's free and I can track my sent message with a push of a button.

In the above photo, the app shows my recent/past messages. This is the 3rd email I've sent out this year. I probably should have sent out around five, but oh well.

As you can see, it gives you important information about what you just sent out. If you go to the actual iContact website, you get a lot more information. This is just a way to do a quick track. If you'd like to receive emails about upcoming events, just fill out the form below. It's easy!


ang said...

oh your having too much fun with that baby!! :))

Lori Buff said...

I use mailchimp which also has great tracking on both the free and paid versions. I don't think there's an app for it but I don't have an iPhone or any of the other cool toys.