Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got this

Well, I think I have this photo thing figured out. These homemade reflectors and some adjustments on the camera have made a wonderful difference. I've spent the last hour shooting cups. Digital is such a wonderful thing. I remember the days of shooting slides, not knowing what the heck you were going to get in the end. I had Tim Barnwell, in Asheville, shoot all of the large pots and the pots I wanted in my portfolio. I've been hiring Tim for the past three years. It's wonderful to have high quality, consistent images. I think i may have around 75 high resolution professional images that all "match." My set up is good for small things and for etsy sales, but when you're submitting images for books or gallery representation, you need the good stuff. Thanks for all of the tips via blogger comments and facebook comments. It seems that everyone has their own tricks. If you'd like to see some of the pots that I shot, you can come to the opening, November 6th, at Crimson Laurel Gallery, or see it on their website around the same time at There will be around 50 pieces in the show, including the cup shown in the picture above. Thanks for reading!


Lori Buff said...

This set-up is giving me ides for Erik's light booth. Thanks

Erin said...

Congrats on all the publicity. I have been seeing your wares everywhere! Except in my own maybe next time Ben and I pass through Asheville we shall talk! We did decide to move back to Dayton, Ohio where we are from, but Asheville and NC's glorious potter's are only 6 hours from us! All looking great!