Saturday, December 11, 2010

ETSY prep

Well, tonight I've been photographing some cups for ETSY. I'm going to post about fifty cups, including kid's cups! I've been making cups for Coleman (shown here) for a couple of years now. He's been testing the quality and I've been taking notes. I love seeing him use a handmade cup. My 18 month old daughter, Carly, even carries around little hand made pots she picks up from bookshelves around the house. She'll hold one up and say "Da-da." She knows I made it.
Well, I hired Coleman to model some kid's cups for me this evening. 50 cents a cup. He made $5.50 in about 10 minutes. Not too shabby. I'll include these photos on ETSY with the shots of the actual cup.
I'll also have small mugs, tall mugs, tumblers, tea cups, juice cups, and whiskey cups. See a pattern? Cups, the perfect gift! I'm hoping to have it all up by Monday morning. I'll be posting another blog, sending a mass email, and Facebooking it to death. Cheers!

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amy said...

You've got yourself a great cup model. I love kids who use pots! Looking forward to seeing your selection Kyle- good for you for making the Etsy jump...