Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back to Atlanta

Finally I've entered the boggersphere. Today I was introduced to Michael Kline's blog, Sawdust & Dirt. He kindly posted some nice words about my pots and it made me think about making my own blog. So here it is. One more thing to update. However, this is different than updating a business website. Here, I can write as I would in a journal. I have never kept a journal in the past, and have always wanted to. So here's an attempt.

This Saturday I will be heading down to Atlanta. I'm having a solo show at The Mudfire Gallery. The show is called "The Pot Adorned." The title references the new decorating I've been putting on my pots. Lately, I've been drawing these super-tight bird drawings and somewhat looser grass motifs.

I've always been a good draftsman, and it just makes sense to utilize that skill in my craft. It's a more mature way of thinking about decorating, more so than polka dots and stripes. I'm not knockin' that style, which I still use, it's just going a step further.

I want my work to evolve steadily over time. Each March, Mudfire invites me to exhibit my work in their gallery. Each time I show there, I've got something new to show. This keeps me interested and the public interested. I love it. I'm thankful to Mudfire for the business relationship we have created.

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Michael Kline said...

Kyle, congratulations! I'm sure you'll have great success with this body of pots. You're going to be the Audubon of pottery. I can't wait to see some of these "live".