Friday, February 29, 2008

Pottery and YouTube

YouTube serves as an archive of my favorite video clips. I have had the video below posted on YouTube for a while now and have gotten some nice feedback from across the pond. It's been viewed over 3000 times. It's cool to know that you're reaching a global audience via the internets :)
The video show a "finger wipe" decorating technique. Many potters use a variation of this in their work. Most potters are a little looser in their technique. I'm a little controlled in my application.

Below is another YouTube video that shows Shoji Hamada turnin' it out old school.


Michael Kline said...

I've seen this video before, but I could watch it a hundred more. And what a great "old school" video. That closed form that Hamada makes goes through so many forms, he had me thinking he was making a vase, then a 1/2 gal jar, then a jug. whoa. A wall pocket??? thanks. Ron Philbeck calls that first Shoji pot(with the knob)his "nobanall".

doug fitch said...

Hi Kyle, best wishes from England. Finger wiping is the best isn't it? I love it, you can't get more direct. Love your work

Kyle Carpenter said...

You have wonderful work too. Finger-wiping is so fun and expressive. It never gets old.