Saturday, March 1, 2008

Introduction of old friends

I met Hunter Stamps and Amelia Daniel in my first ceramics class at UNCA. We all ended up as BFA Ceramics majors. Hunter and Amelia started dating soon after that first ceramics class and have been together ever since. They got married after UNCA and moved to Indiana, where Hunter attended Graduate school. Currently they live in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Hunter makes ceramics sculpture and teaches at the college level. Amelia turns beautiful pots, and teaches pottery on the side.

Last year Amelia received a commission to design, create, and install a large ceramic mural at a camp around Little Rock. These pictures show the making process. I'll post images of the finished, installed project, if they send them to me.

Hunter just found out last week that he's been hired to be an Assistant Professor at The University of Kentucky. It'll be nice to have them both closer. Everyone here misses them.

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