Friday, May 30, 2008

Drawing on pots

Today, while my son was napping, I started decorating a large pot. I completed the drawing in pencil on this bone dry pot, then moved on to underglaze washes. These are Wrens perched on some kind of made up grasses. I'm loading the kiln this weekend and probably firing on Monday. This is one of the largest pots I've ever made and when it's all said and done, it'll have a lot of time and effort invested in it. Hopefully I can sell it one day.


Shane Mickey said...

that shit is fucking awesome man. your draweing skills are getting damn nice baby. keep up the good work my friend

Kyle Carpenter said...

Shaner, thanks...i'll post some finished/fired pics after the unload. this kind of decorating takes forever! i enjoy it though.
thanks for the words of encouragement.

Joy Tanner said...

Hey Kyle!
Poked in Clayspace today and took a peek at your wood fired pots...they look great, i especially liked the squared bottle with 4 ridges near the top...wanted to pocket it.
it's interesting to see pots with flashing slips come out of that kiln, I guess I hadn't really before...beautiful!
Also love your birds...very impressive drawings.
Can you send me a link to the site where you got your poster made?
Happy firing!

Michael Kline said...

Hey Kyle, Very NICE. Are the pictures of the pencil stage or of the slip stage? I'm looking forward to doing some collaborations for the show. I'll call sometime and make a plan.

Kyle Carpenter said...

so, everyone should check out They've got a special for new customers. I got a 2' x 3' photo printed on HP paper and delivered to my house for under $12. what a friggin' deal. Joy, thanks for the compliments on the woodfired pots. I'm very pleased with the results. Kline, these drawings have been painted with watered down black commercial underglaze. There's a pencil line drawing under that. These "drawings" work better on slips that flux out a little bit in the salt kiln. They tend to work best on "Randy's Red slip, which is helmer based. They don't tend to "soften-up" enough on my 100% tile 6 slip.