Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Woodfired pottery...before & after

So, we fired the Community Temple last week and unloaded Wednesday afternoon. It's been a couple years since I've woodfired any pots. I think the last time was at Shane Mickey's anagama. Anyway, it was good to see my work with a different surface decoration on it. I side-fired everything on seashells. I'm drawn to the flashing that results from that. I'm working on building up a small body of woodfired work for the Clayspace Co-op show at the Asheville Arts Council, in August. I got more pots out than just this one, but you'll have to come to Asheville August 1st to see those! By the way...August 1st will be a good night for pottery lovers. In addition to the Clayspace show, I'll be showing pots down the street at American Folk Art & Framing with potters Michael Kline and Daniel Johnston. Mark your calendar and join us!
About the image... This is a 14lb stoneware jar with a flashing slip covering it entirely. The slip is 50% helmar kaolin and 50% xx sagger ball clay. It was side-fired on three scallop seashells and once-fired to cone 9 in a woodburning kiln. If you look below at the image of the kiln, you'll see this pot in the upper right hand corner.


Alex Matisse said...

Kyle...I'd say that one came out pretty darn good! Thats about as good a flashing as you could for hope for....I won't be around for the show in August but I hope it goes well. Take care,

brandon phillips said...

thats a sweeeeeet pot.

Kyle Carpenter said...

brandon,thanks. i love it. i hope someone will buy it. nice load of cups by the way. really nice.