Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another before & after

Here's a detail of a large pot that came out of the last firing. There are three wrens on the pot. This one is my favorite. I use different books for reference when doing drawings like this. The bird is drawn in pencil on a bone dry pot, then painted with diluted black commercial underglaze like a watercolor painting. The salt used during the firing softens the painting. This new process is really exciting and I think there's real potential for some cool drawings on big pots. This pot will be for sale in the upcoming Exploring Surface Design Show at American Folk Art Gallery.
More details about the pot: Pot was thrown with Highwater's Zella Stone, Slipped leather hard with a Helmar-based "Randy's Red" slip, decorated with Amaco underglaze LUG-1, fired to cone 9 in a propane-fueled crossdraft hard brick salt kiln, 4 lbs table salt.


Patricia Griffin said...

One word - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I thought I would let you know that I too have decided to blog.
You can view my blog at:

I enjoy reading your blog. When is your gallery going to consider doing jurored shows? That is an idea and brings in revenue.

Kyle Carpenter said...

The Clayspace Co-op Gallery currently only shows the work of it's members. We don't really have the time to manage a juried show, although I love the concept. Maybe one day in the future. Cheers.

Lucy Dierks said...

your wren looks fabulous!

Keith said...

thanks for checking in on my blog. i've enjoyed following your work over here on your little space on the internet as well.

i love the before and after shots you've been doing. hopefully one of these days i'll get to see some work close up as opposed to on the screen.