Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finished decorating...finally

Man, my decorating takes days and days. Finally, I finished up last night. This afternoon when my wife gets home, and takes over watching our son, I'll start loading the kiln. Below are some
bone-dry pots, ready to be fired in the salt kiln.

vases with birds

grass serving platter

wren serving platter

liquor sets

new bowl form



Joy Tanner said...

Nice work!
Thanks for the comments on my post. I like what you said about 'different strokes for different folks.' We should all get together and have a throw-a-thon. You should come to Clay Club next's turned more into a party than an actual club meeting.

Happy Firing!

paul jessop said...

WoW what fantastic decoration, they look so real, a real twitchers paradise

Ron said...

They look amazing Kyle. Hope your firing is a good one. Had a tater chip sandwich lately? Sarah's out for the evening so that may be my supper. See ya.

Alex Matisse said...

kyle...your painting is "off the chain" as I believe the modern parlance goes. How long do one of those birds take you and what is the wash that you use? It mush be pretty stable huh? just getting started down here at mark. Your stuffs looking great!

Kyle Carpenter said...

Alex, yeah, super stable. it's watered amaco underglaze, applied like watercolor paints. ya know how you can overwork a watercolor painting and it gets really muddy and looks like crap? well, on these pots, you really can't over work it. the salt softens the painting nicely. good luck down in the piedmont. i'm sure you will be worked hard. keep slip trailin' those pots. cheers from asheville.