Thursday, August 21, 2008

Josh Copus puggin' the local clay

Here's my studiomate, Josh Copus, after pugging what looks to be about 1200 pounds of local NC clay. This clay was excavated from a bank aside of a tobacco field. Josh has eleven dump truck loads of this stuff. He's set for a while.
A day's work. (similar pile behind him)

Josh in the clay pit

Local clay platter with silica slip and clear glaze, woodfired

Local clay bottle without slip or glaze, woodfired

3 comments: said...

really awesome..

Chris C. said...

How do you prepare locally dug clay for use in throwing?

Kyle Carpenter said...

for dinnerware, Josh blunges it and puts it through a window screen to get the rocks out. for all other thrown pots, he pugs it and simply picks out any of the bigger rocks with his fingers. he keep most of the smaller rocks in there because they add to the look of the fired piece.