Sunday, August 17, 2008

HOT out of the kiln

So, I unloaded the kiln today. It was overall a nice firing. I lost two pots due to "soda drips" landing on pots. These pots are headed to Charlotte in a few weeks. The Fourth Annual Mint Museum of Art Potters Invitational is September 6th. Visit for more information on that.

I'll need to kick it in high gear next week and make a kiln load of pots. I'd like to fire again in two weeks. One week to make, one week to decorate. I do have a head start with some pots already made. So, here's some images of the unloading. Back to the studio tomorrow!

still hot in there!

"Heinz" cup for my German studio neighbor

lots of decoration

gotta love cups!

Liked this pitcher. I don't make too many pitchers.
I think I like this handle. It feels great.

the bird drawings softened up nicely.


Ron said...

Hey Kyle, I'm going to try and make it out to the Mint show this year. Maybe I can get a cup from you and get to see all the new pots.

Michael Kline said...

If anybody wants to see a magic trick, come to Charlotte and the Mint Show and watch these pots disappear!

Looks great KC. Can't wait to see'em.

brandon phillips said...

man, those pots look fantastic!

Joy Tanner said...

Great pots, Kyle! I hope to come check out the Mint show, too this year. Sounds like a lot of hotcakes sell there.

Patricia Griffin said...

These are stunning.

Kyle Carpenter said...

aw shucks. y'all are all too nice. i'm looking forward to this show and am hoping it's as good as everyone says it is. Ron, bring me a cup/mug to the show (got any rats?) and we'll work out a trade, if ya wanna. I'll see ya there.