Monday, September 29, 2008

Holla, y'all

I'm glad to visit my own blog, for once. There's so much satisfaction in reading everyone else's blog, that I forget about mine. Well, this past weekend was pretty much nonstop pottery-related fun. I was decorating pots most of the time. It took me about seven days, part-time, to decorate these pots for the upcoming firing. I'm glad to be finished and am already thinking about what next on the list to make. Below are several photos that sum up my weekend. THROWN SINK decoration in process
SMALL BOWL pinched rim


SERVING BOWL pinched rim

COLEMAN new giraffe slippers

lori theriault, owner, and friend jane renfoe
Lori is teaching ceramics at her new facility in West Asheville.
She's got quite the set up. I should have snapped a shot of the pugmill.
SCHENK'S CREAM ALE mmmmmmm..........
So, at the open house, Lori offered up a Schenk's Cream Ale. So, here's the story. One of my studiomates, Melissa Weiss. Her husband's face is on this bottle. He is bad ass when it comes to brewing beer. One of the local breweries, Highland Brewery, just brewed and bottled his beer. I think it was due to him kickin' ass in a brew contest.
Anyway, we sucked down a wee bit of it.


Michael Kline said...

The pots look awesome. GOOD LUCK with the burn!

Patricia Griffin said...

Your decorating is beautiful and so right for the pieces. Those pinched rims are interesting. Looking forward to seeing your work in person when we visit Asheville soon! Yahoo!

blaine and laura said...

your pot look great been meaning to send you a note after the mint show hop you had a great show your great to talk to you there

Crazy Green Studios said...

hey thanks for the shout, and you can come visit the little pugger any time you want! I just finished a glazing session and the studio does not look quite so neat and prim right now! See you at Clingman for the opening and to drool over your pots!

Mallory said...

Hello, fellow Asheville potter and new artist here (Jane Renfroe was my college pottery professor). I'm new to the blogging thing and have been checking out other potter's blogs. I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I love your work and am really enjoying the blog.