Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mint Museum: Potters Market Invitational

So, I'm back from the Potters Market Invitational in Charlotte, NC. This show was incredible. I sold a lot of pots and met a lot of new collectors and potters. There were 40 potters from across the state, exhibiting a wide range of work. Contemporary pottery, folk pottery, and ceramic sculpture filled the large outdoor tent. There was a long line out the door before the show started. Between 10am and 1pm, most of the transactions were made. Lots of wrapping and card swiping going on. As an added bonus to the great show, the Delhom Group (the one's who put the show together) purchased a piece of mine for the Mint Museum's permanent collection. This was a huge surprise and very flattering. Most of the potters I spoke to had done well at the show. Hopefully I'll be invited back to do the show again.

left side of booth

center of booth
(platter in top right corner was purchased for the Mint Museum's permanent collection)

right side of the booth

crowd shot


Joy Tanner said...

Looks like the show was great!
I have "tagged" you, a blogger game that is more about it at my blog, sorry for the bother. I was tagged twice and am finally playing!

brandon phillips said...
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brandon phillips said...

dude, my wife loves your pots, you'd better back off.

j/k, your pots look sweeeeet.

Patricia Griffin said...

Kyle - I would bet a ton of clay that you'll be invited back! Your pots look beautiful. Sounds like you had many appreciative buyers. That's great. So glad to see that your talent and skill are being recognized.

amelia stamps said...

kyle- i love the new work. the detail and realism of the birds -set against the simple salt forms is really unique. each piece looks strong! glad you are doing so well!! xoxo amelia