Monday, September 29, 2008

Kiln's lit, wine is poured

The kiln is loaded and lit. I had two pots that were decorated that didn't get in. A small bowl and a larger bowl. I'm freakin' blown away. It looked like one and a half kiln loads when it was sittin' down there in my basement studio. This little kiln eats pots. There's quite a few platters in this load. They are a decorator's dream. I also made some cups, jars, vases. I'll be posting the finished pics next weekend, I hope. My studio, The Clayspace Co-op, is having a show at the local cafe in the river arts district. I'll be pulling pots from the kiln on thursday, sanding them, and taking them to the cafe to set up. Talk about fresh! If, you're local, or plan to visit, I eat at least five meals a week there. Awesome. I spared you another "ugly kiln door" picture. It was "ugly!"


Becky said...

Hiya, Kyle! Are those birds on the tumblers yours?
They are magnificent!

Kyle Carpenter said...

Yes, Becky, they are. And thank you. Here's a link to a previous post:

doug fitch said...

good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing the pots. Like the 'ugly kiln door' comment - one I can relate to.