Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clayspace Co-op Kiln Building Event!

Boo-yaa! Another Clayspace Co-op event is coming up and this one could involve you! This summer, Josh Copus and Eric Knoche, members of the Clayspace Co-op, are leading a three week kiln-building workshop in Marshall, NC. The best part? It's free. Two kilns, three weeks, eight participants. Again, it's free. There are some details you should know, and there is an application process. There is detailed information about the workshop and the application process at Also, there's a blog! Go to to read a few great posts about kilns and kiln building.

Postcard that was distributed at NCECA

Stack of kiln brick waiting to be put to use

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-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

This sounds like a pretty interesting opportunity! I have been wanting to build a kiln of my own. Too bad they will not be firing them as well. I wonder how many people will be applying for this, and thus, what my chances of getting in really are? I suppose there is only one way to ind out.