Friday, March 26, 2010

APB: Stolen NC Pottery!

I saw this flyer tonight at the Catawba Valley Pottery show in Hickory, NC. It's a first for me to see something like this. Usually it's a dog, cat, or hubcap. I sure hope they get those pots back. Anyway, the show was interesting. It was mostly folk pottery. There were a lot of alkaline glazed pots and face jugs. I mean a lot. It's a strong tradition here in North Carolina. There were a few contemporary potters there too. Crimson Laurel Gallery had a booth there. They represented a few people, including me. I'll be interested to see how my work is received there. Okay, time for bed. I'm unloading the kiln in the morning. ZZZZZZZZ....

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Jen Mecca said...

Hey Kyle,
I'm adding you to my blog list!