Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I made a couple of teapots that were in the last firing. I have three more going in this next firing. I really don't make teapots. I used to make them, but a couple of years ago a customer returned one they had bought. She mailed it back to me from Ohio due to some cracking issues. She poured boiling water into it and it cracked all to h@ll. She got a full refund and a sincere apology letter. Turns out, there was some black coring in the clay, due to too much reduction. I was sooo disappointed I had let this slip by. I should have tested the teapot before I put it for sale. So, I just stopped making them. It kinda sucked. Well, now I test them with boiling water prior to putting a price tag on it. I'm also suggesting people temper the teapot with warm/hot tap water prior to pouring boiling water into it. So, there ya go. I'm planning on loading Friday and firing Saturday. I'll be posting so typical kiln shots then. Cheers!

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