Saturday, August 28, 2010

Firing pots

So, I'm firing the kiln now. This top image shows the back stack. I forgot to shoot the front stack. The sculptural boat form are Heather Allen's work. She's a talented fiber, clay, and calligraphy artist. She was in a pinch and needed a place to fire. I normally don't share kiln loads because I can usually fill them myself. Since I'm firing again next weekend, I thought I may need the filler work anyway.

So, these firings are for a few things I've got coming up. The Mint Museum Potters Market, "Asheville in Atlanta," at MudFire, and a solo exhibition at Crimson Laurel Gallery. I do have a bit of inventory at my shop to pick from too. After these firings, I'll be focusing on more porcelain work. Next weeks firing will have some porcelain pots in it, but not many.

So, in a previous post, I mentioned that the kiln was repaired. Well, not entirely true. My keystone is failing over the door. I do brick up the door under those brick, so it should move anymore, right? I hoping that this kiln will provide at least five more firings before I need to rebuild it. I'm thinking January will be the best time to do that. Burrr, but not a whole lot goes on then.

As you can see, the keystone (white) is still good throughout the rest of the arch. I can remember where I got these bricks. They are virtually unaffected by the salt.

This images shows brick movement over the firebox. There's no heat loss, really. I have 3" soft brick, 2" of fiber, and adobe behind this layer of hard brick. One more reason to rebuild. Okay, off to turn up the kiln.

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Michael Kline said...

Looks good! Hope it's firing well.