Wednesday, September 1, 2010



heidi haugen: days with clay said...

love the vlogging...i wish everyone would toss in video once in awhile.

sorry about your bagwallapallooza.
beautiful of luck on the refire and the potential rebuild.

Lori Buff said...

Bummer about the bag wall, do you have any thoughts about what made it collapse? I like the idea of wadding it to make it easier to clean but not if it's going to fall and mess up a firing.
Nice teapots.

ang said...

excellent post firing postmortem!!! wow such amazing colour and bummer about the keystone movement and wall issue... how many firings has this kiln been through? love the style and is one arch form i have plans for maybe next yr..

Michael Kline said...

Good one! I look forward to more. Video/audio quality is excellent. It did seem to be working pretty hard when you were going from shade to sunlit areas of your work table. It ended abruptly, though.

Those salt surfaces are beautiful! Glazes look very close, but I know how you feel about the quality of the glaze. Some pots it might matter more, like the pitchers. But the jars would be fine, I think. (no liquids to absorb)

I guess the ante has been upped; Ron doing the videos, and now YOU! I guess I better up my blog-game!

Maybe I'll get John to shoot some video of me working, now that he is helping.

FetishGhost said...

Love the running commentary. It really helps us connect to the work and surfaces... plus it's cool to see a full kiln load, the unexpected as well as the expected.

John Britt said...

Hey Kyle,

You sound near suicidal ?!

But my friend , that is nothing.

Your keystone is just like that because of the uneven heating with the door being 4 1/2" inside the arch. The bagwall is easy to fix. Just chisel them out and restack.

I still like the bagwall on wads even though you had one problem. I would just restack and refire in moderate reduction and don't even salt.

You will save most of those beauties. Call sometime.

Cheer up! Your situation is only minor compared to other potters and your kiln is beautiful compared to say, Kline's at the Barns!

Michael Kline said...

Hey that kiln at the barns was lovingly repaired almost every time I fired it! ;-)

Eight years later Matt Kelleher fired that kiln during his residency. It still stands. It's a miracle considering Suze Lindsay, Terry Gess, myself, AND Matt fired it during our residencies!

As a matter of fact, Matt's pots looked a lot like yours from this firing. Lot's of palomino, baby! (that's what we used to call all of those dots!)

So, yea, your kiln is far from caving in!

Lara O'Keefe said...

enjoyed the tour of your kiln and pots. Looks like the bagwall incident could have been a lot worse!