Monday, October 25, 2010

Organized fashion

Well, I'm down in my basement stickering the 61 pots for the show I'm delivering tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty organized and thought I'd share a photo of my inventory. I've printed a contact sheet of all of the pots in the show. Each image has black bars to make the image square, 1000 x 1000 pixels, and 72 dpi. Each pot has a inventory number that you can also see on the excel spreadsheet. Alright, back to it!


Joy Tanner said...

cool organization Kyle, Did you do the images 1-by 1 in photoshop or was there a quicker way for adding each image with the text below?

Kyle Carpenter said...

the images ith the black bars were all done one by one in photoshop. the print out was done by:
1.opening the folder with all of the files. all.
4.the printing wizard (pc) gives you the option to print a contact sheet. select that one.

the text under the printed images are just the file names that printed automatically. works pretty well.