Friday, August 15, 2008

Ugliest kiln door ever!

Last night around 10pm, I built the ugliest kiln door ever. I really need to invest in some new soft brick. This ugly door is made of, get this... 3" soft brick, two large fiber blocks, 2.5" hard brick, soaps, splits, silicon carbide kiln shelf shards, wadding, fiber scraps, and last but not least, mud. It will work, and I probably won't purchase new bricks until after I fire the kiln one more time. I just thought you'd like to see this and get the same snicker I got.

cone 04


Brian said...

If I've learned anything about potters its:
1) we're a resourceful bunch and,
2)if it works, it's all good.

Michael Kline said...

I've seen worse.

You should see my pile of top bricks. They barely have a flat side, but a little or a lot of mud makes it look just fine. And I keep adding mud throughout the firing as needed.

I always think of that movie by David Outerbridge of Leach and Hamada where the guy is using a hammer to "fit" the last pieces of brick in the door.
If it's ok with Shoji it definitely ok with me.

:-) said...

it is not ugly at all to me..i like the texture and see a face. the blue dot is the eye, and the teeth are big. like "bob the builder" face. a work of functional art. this would be a great t-shirt, with the words "any-way takes the day" or something...look forward to seeing the pots!