Saturday, April 4, 2009

Firing the Kiln

I finished loading the kiln last night around midnight. I'm a little under the weather and loading was zero fun. My son, Coleman, brought me home a special gift from daycare in the form of a cold. Yuck. Anyway, my wife, Carrie, worked all day yesterday and had some things to do in the evening, so I got a late start loading. Well, I got everything in, except a large bottle. I was loading it into the kiln and wacked it on the roof. Greenware doesn't respond well to wacks. Sucks, cause that was a nice one. Oh well, I've learned not to get to attached to pots. Below is a couple pics of the back and front stack. I'm firing now and will be done late night. I'll try and post results. This kiln load will be unloaded Monday and much of it will be given to my local gallery on Tuesday, then off to NCECA on Wednesday. Busy, busy, busy!

Back Stack

Front Stack


brandon phillips said...

how come we always whack the big guys? never seem to whack the salsa bowls...

Anonymous said...

drag about the whack... nice pics of the kiln load though