Sunday, January 30, 2011

Firebox Stain/Damage

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John Tilton said...

Hey Kyle,

Are you going to pour some concrete over this to strengthen it up? Do you think it's thick enough and OK as is?


Kyle Carpenter said...

I think it'll be okay as is. the plan is to put some durorock concrete board down, then 3" softbrick, then "3 hard brick.

Anonymous said...

i really like your pottery and blog and am looking forward to your kiln rebuilding. i will be building a salt kiln myself (my first) this summer. can i ask how large your old kiln was? were you happy with that size? what will the volume of your new one be? why are you going to a sprung arch from a catenary arch?

thanks. I will look very forward to your blog posts. i am sure i will learn from them.

also, thanks for that video you put up of back filling handles a while back. that was awesome.


Kyle Carpenter said...

my last kiln was 30-40 cubic feet. great size.i'm switching to a sprung arch for better stacking space. construction starts monday!